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Video on-door speakerphones for an apartment

Video intercoms for apartments: a solution for those who care about keeping property and providing security

Apartment intercoms with a video camera are becoming more popular every year; in contrast to the usual intercom equipment, which operates exclusively in the voice mode and does not allow monitoring the interlocutor, the intercom with the video camera for the apartment is more effective in ensuring security. Having installed such intercom, you can not only protect your home from the penetration of unwanted persons, but also protect yourself from unpleasant contacts, carefully selecting those who are allowed to cross the threshold of your house.


Intercom with video surveillance for the apartment: a rational device for equipping private and commercial facilities

Today, to buy video intercom systems for an apartment can be quite inexpensive - they are not a luxury item, but rather belong to goods that are affordable for almost every inhabitant. The prices of such devices are not high, but according to the functional, intercoms with video communication leave all other access control options far behind.


Many residents of large cities prefer to buy intercoms with video surveillance for an apartment, a private house, an office, a warehouse: this equipment helps minimize the possibility of an incident involving intruders. And, indeed, it is much more profitable to protect yourself in advance than to waste time and effort in eliminating the harm or damage that a security breach can cause. The price of intercoms with a video monitor is fully justified by the quality and functions performed, because you acquire not just equipment, but also reliable protection for yourself and your loved ones.


Especially useful use of a video intercom is where the children live, who already know how to open the front door from the inside with a key. As a rule, it can be difficult for the child to understand how it is possible to "calculate" the identity of the person who is ringing at the door - let's take at least the widely known fairy tale about the Wolf and the seven kids. Therefore, it is much safer to leave it at home with the order to open the locked door only after he makes sure that his mom, dad or other well-known people are displayed on the video doorphone monitor.


Many video intercom devices are equipped with a recording function, and they allow you to leave messages in the form of small videos, so that you can find out who came in your absence, as well as receive the information transmitted to them.


The set of equipment includes several devices, in particular, a calling panel transmitting a signal from the street, a monitor without a tube, located inside the room. An intercom with video calls can broadcast color images to the landlord. You can buy a video intercom for an apartment in an online store group of companies "Metakom"; at your service - a wide range of goods that can provide security for private housing or commercial property. To buy the products presented in our catalog, you can quite inexpensively; the attention of customers is offered as video intercom devices, as well as accessories, accessories and spare parts for this type of equipment. To specify, how many there is this or that goods from assortment of group of companies "Metakom", what quantity of devices is in a warehouse and what conditions of delivery and payment, you can on ph. 8-800-250-33-97. Please, we are always glad to call you!

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