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RDIF- keys for the doorphone


RFID keys for the intercom from Metakom - guarantee of your safety


The market for interphone devices is filled with models of various modifications. To each such device are attached keys that differ in appearance and set of properties. The RFID door key in this list is considered to be the most reliable and functional. It looks like a keychain, inside of which there is a chip with a unique number. RFID is essentially an identifier operating in the radio frequency range. With this device, you can open the room if a special reader is installed, working on a contactless basis. You can buy a contactless key for a intercom at Metakom. The price of such offers depends on the model of the device and the set of functions.


Where to use RFID keys:

  • Educational institutions of closed type, using the intercom system;
  • Multi-apartment buildings and other living quarters;
  • Offices;
  • Research Institute of closed type;
  • Hotels and other facilities.


Usually, interphone contactless keys are used on those objects where it is necessary to restrict access to the premises to strangers. The rapidity of reading information, which is provided even in the absence of contact with the reader, guarantees fast throughput. The key for the intercom can be leather, plastic. He works on this principle: the device on the intercom picks up radio waves, which sends a key, reads the code and opens the door. Such products do not require an additional source of energy. They are automatically fed from the electromagnetic field of the reader. Therefore, do not be afraid that if the battery is discharged, the visitor will not be able to enter the room. It is enough to bring the key to a distance of 10 cm from the reading mechanism, so that the doors open.

Our company sells contactless keys of various modifications, interphone multi-station devices and much more.

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