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Video door station with reader


The principle of operation of video intercom with a reader


Thanks to its numerous user benefits and a wide range of products, Metacom's intercom equipment has an extensive field of application. At sites where entry control and visitor identification are mandatory, it is advisable to use a video intercom with a reader.


For correct operation of devices with an integrated reader, a magnet and a special electronic key for opening the door are used. The key, reminiscent of the form of the tablet, has a single-wire interface. Thanks to it, the built-in reader quickly recognizes a special e-key and opens the lock.


The device status is indicated by means of sound or light signals. The immediate opening of the lock is due to a special code that is available on each key.


The door panel of a video intercom with a reader, regardless of modification, operates according to one principle. Each key has a unique code that is assigned by the manufacturer. During the installation, all keys are entered into the video-intercom memory using a special cipher. When the user brings his key to the reader, the system correlates its information with the controller stored in the memory. The lock is opened only if these 2 codes match.


If there is no need to control the exit of visitors, special exit buttons are used, which are mounted from the inside of the door. In our store you can buy doorphones with a reader, exit buttons, tubes and other interphone equipment at manufacturer prices.

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