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New external video adapter MK-032K

New external video adapter MK-032K


The company "Metakom" starts production and sale of a new external video adapter MK-032K for connection of video monitors to the common entrance co-ordinate intercom.

Внешний видеоадаптер МК-032К



  • Possibility to connect audio and video lines of a coordinate intercom, as well as a single-block (individual) outdoor panel of the COMMAX system with built-in video to work on a common 4-wire video monitor line;
  • Automatic switching of video signal when establishing communication with a coordinate intercom;
  • Opening of the door of the coordinate doorphone when communication with it is established when the subscriber presses a button on the video monitor;
  • Galvanic isolation of the audio line with a coordinate intercom with the help of optocouplers;
  • The mode of viewing the image from the video camera of a single-block outdoor panel;
  • Ability to adjust the volume of audio in each direction;



  • Outdoor panel mode from a coordinate intercom while receiving a call signal from a one-call call unit;
  • Ability to adjust the number of call signals sent to the video monitor from a coordinate intercom;
  • More accurate and stable operation due to the use of a microcontroller.

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