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TKP-14M apartment handset

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TKP-14M apartment handset with the possibility to adjust the volume of the call


What is the use of the TKP 14M?

The TKP 14M handset is used as a terminal device in the intercom system with coordinated addressing of subscribers. Compatible with intercom equipment Metakom, as well as with similar devices of other brands with coordinate system of addressing subscribers.

TKP 14M isused:

  • For an audible call, when the corresponding signal comes from the outdoor panel;
  • To provide high-quality duplex communication between the subscriber and the visitor;
  • For remote opening of the entrance door.

The main features of the TKP 14M intercom:

  • Wall type handset. It is installed on vertical surfaces using a special set of fasteners;
  • The outputs for connecting to the line are located on the back of the stand under the tube. When connecting the handset to the line, be sure to observe the polarity;
  • The tube with the stand is connected by a twisted wire;
  • Light indication in call mode;
  • Nightmode (mutecall);
  • It is possible to adjust the volume.

TKP 14M has a solid construction and ergonomic design. The handset is made of materials completely safe for human health. A high-quality speaker provides good audibility.

TKP 14M, as well as TKP 12D and other models of TKP pipes are delivered by any parties to various regions of the Russian Federation.


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