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TKP-12D apartment handset

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455.00 Р

TKP-12D apartment handset is intended for use as part of intercom systems with digital addressing of subscribers. TKP-12D is installed in the subscriber's apartment and is used for the subscriber's sound call through the interphone's calling device, visitor-subscriber communications and remote opening of the entrance door by the subscriber. * Mute function.


The purpose of the TKP 12D handset and its main advantages

TKP 12D - apartment intercom, designed to work as part of intercom systems with digital addressing of subscribers. The handset can also be connected to other multi-apartment doorphones with a digital addressing system that are used in Russia.

The purpose of the TCH 12D handset:

  • Caller audio from the outdoor panel;
  • Ensuring two-way communication between the visitor and the subscriber;
  • Remote opening of the entrance door.
  • Negotiating devices of this model are widely in demand among domestic users, since they have an affordable price and a lot of operational advantages:
  • Quality, "loud" speaker provides good audibility during negotiations. A special circuitry solution implemented in the Metakom handsets excludes the tapping of one's own speech in the dynamics of the TCH;
  • Nightshutdownoption;
  • Compact dimensions and ergonomic design for ease of installation and ease of use;
  • Quality performance. TKP 12D tube has a reliable and robust design. It is made of environmentally friendly plastic, completely safe for human health and the environment.


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