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Video amplifier MKV-SET

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MKV-SET is designed for use in video surveillance systems when transmitting a signal from a video camera or other standard video source over a twisted pair of wires for a distance of up to 1500 m to a consumer (monitor, console, VCR, etc.). Set provides the possibility to use free twisted pairs in existing computer and telephone communication lines. The MKV set devices have a matched input and output resistance, which eliminates image distortion during transmission.

The set is powered from unstabilized sources of constant voltage, and voltage ripple doesn’t affect the signal quality.

Transmitter (balanced amplifier) is designed for installation in a thermal housing of a video camera or near to another source of video signal. Has a non-separable plastic housing. It is possible to attach to a flat surface by means of a double-sided adhesive tape.

The receiver (dissymmetric amplifier) is designed to be installed near the receiving equipment. Has the adjustment of amplification and HF correction of the signal. It is possible to mount to a wall or other surface with two screws.

It is possible to install the kit devices in unheated rooms without direct access to moisture.


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