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Electromagnetic lock ML-400

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Electromagnetic lock METAKOM ML-400 (without electronics board), force 400 kg. 12V, 0.55A. It is intended for locking the entrance door in access control systems. The lock can be used as part of the intercom system of METAKOM.

Dimensions: 36х62х210 мм


Electromagnetic lock ML-400 Metakom

Electromagnetic lock Metakom ML-400 is suitable for installation on different types of doors (glass, plastic, wooden, metal). The retention force of 400 kg does not allow the door to be opened only by a jerk force. Electromagnetic lock ML-400-50 reliably controls access to the premises, limiting unauthorized entry to a closed territory. Constipation can be used together with other access control devices (control panel, outdoor panel, key controller, etc.). The device requires a constant current supply. To do this, install the power supply. Due to the absence of rubbing parts of the mechanism, the lock is not subject to abrasion and is highly reliable. The emergency exit button allows you to open the device indoors if you need it.

The voltage under which the mechanism is located does not pose a danger to life. Thereisnoelectronicboardinthekit.

Advantages of Lock ML-400 Metakom:

  • Resistant to aggressive environments and temperature leaps, which allows using it in regions with severe climate;
  • Functionality - the locking mechanism can be connected to a video intercom, and it will give a signal to the control panel;
  • Longservicelife;
  • Simplicity of construction and ease of installation.

Electromagnetic lock ML-400-40 is usually used in the intercom system Metakom. The price for such a device is small, which allows you to rationally use the means to ensure your own safety. Installation of such a device is carried out with the help of special fasteners or with a welding machine. All locking mechanisms are covered by a one-year warranty.



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