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DS1990A Key

36.00 Р

The electronic contact key provided with a plastic holder is fully compatible with DS1990 identifiers and additionally supports the function of the 1-Wire ROM search protocol, which allows working on one bus to several devices.


DS 1990A key: distinctive features

Interphone key 1990 - electronic medium of unique code information necessary for automatic identification when opening the electric lock. The DS-1990A is a passive element that doesn’t have an internal power source. Implemented in the MicroCan package, which provides resistance to mechanical damage, the effects of moisture and contaminants.

DS-1990A is a contact type key (TM). The information is read out by direct contact with the reader. At this point, the data is read from the permanent key memory. For this purpose, a 64-bit code is written in the ROM using laser, including:

  • 48-bit serialnumber;
  • 8-bit familycode;
  • 8-bit checksum.

It takes about 5 ms to read the code. Operating temperature range: -40 ° C to + 85 ° C. Access to the internal memory of the DS1990A is provided via a data bus via the 1-Wire Dallas interface.

Metakom delivers intercom keys 1990 on favorable terms, offering its customers democratic prices, convenient payment and delivery conditions. If you need DS-1990A keys or service keys, we will provide them in the required quantity in the shortest possible time.



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