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Concierge console МК-RК2

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Concierge console MK-RK2 - The microprocessor console of the concierge METAKOM MK-RK2 (hereinafter referred to as the console) is a specialized microprocessor system designed for the organization of the concierge workstation and also for the organization of the intercom system with the number of subscribers up to 220. It can be installed in multi-apartment buildings, offices and office space.

The console provides reception of a signal of a call from the visitor of the subscriber, a duplex communication of the visitor with the concierge, installation of a duplex communication of the concierge with the subscriber and the subscriber with the visitor, and also provides a signal of remote opening of the lock on the block of a call.

The panel works in conjunction with outdoor panel MK2003 and its modifications, and there is also the possibility of working with other outdoor panels the trademark "METAKOM" with coordinate matrix communication system.

The concierge workstation includes a COM-PK2 switch in addition to the console. The console can be powered from the METAKOM BP-2U power supply.

Distinctive features:

  • Availability of memory of incoming concierge or subscriber call signals
  • Possibility of calling the concierge by the subscriber. Presenceof 2 automaticoperatingmodes
  • The ability to turn on the speakerphone when talking to a subscriber or a visitor
  • Electronic control of the volume of the signals of the console
  • Threeoptionsforringervolume
  • Indication of all operating modes on the LCD screen
  • Adjust the brightness of the LCD backlight. The possibility of connecting a video monitor to view the image from the video camera of the outdoor panel
  • Return to factory settings via the system menu
  • Power-onself-test


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