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Outdoor panel doorphone МЕТАКОМ MK4-X-MF

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4846.00 Р

The four-subscriber intercom outdoor panel METAKOM MK4-X-MF is designed for installation in the entrances of residential buildings, at the entrance doors of apartments, offices, etc.

The intercom outdoor panel MK4-X-MF together with the TKP-14X, TKP-12M2 pipes manufactured by METAKOM provides duplex audio communication of a particular subscriber with a visitor and remote opening of the lock.

Equipped with an integrated controller and a Mifare proximity keys reader with an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz. As subscriber keys, contactless METAKOM key fobs supporting Mifare technology (hereinafter MF-keys) are used.

Vandal-proof design allows you to install a outdoor panel both indoors and outdoors. 



DC supplyvoltage, V



4-wire circuit "Commax"

Number of subscribers


Relative air humidity (at 35 ° C),%


Operating temperature range, ° C


Overall dimensions of the unit, not more than, mm


Unit weight, unpackaged, max, kg



  • Indication of operating modes by means of highlighting subscriber numbers;
  • Sound control of pressing buttons;
  • Duplexcommunicationsubscriber-visitor;
  • Direct call of the subscriber;
  • Remote control of electromechanical / electromagnetic lock from the subscriber;
  • Illumination of subscriber and button numbers;
  • Built-in controller and MF key reader.


  • Built-in MF key reader (operates only with keys with encoding of the identification number, which are encoded in the factory);
  • Writing keys to the general list;
  • Removing all keys from memory;
  • Autosetkeymode;
  • Transferring settings from the outdoor panel and back using the METAKOM MKA-02U adapter and the TM-key DS1996 (L);
  • Enter the programming mode using the master key;
  • Return to factory settings with saving of recorded keys;
  • Separate adjustment of microphone sensitivity and speaker volume;



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