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Outdoor panel doorphone MK2008.2-MFEN

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Doorphone outdoor panel system METAKOM MK2008.2-MF N (version 2) is a specialized microprocessor system intended for installation in multi-apartment buildings, offices, as well as for organizing a system of selector communication with the number of served subscribers for modification with the index N (network) up to 999.

As terminal devices installed for the subscribers, we recommend TKP-01, TKP-05M, TKP-05M, TKP-10M, TKP-10M, TKP-12M, TKP-14M or other interphone handsets designed for doorphones with coordinate addressing system produced by METAKOM.

The outdoor panel provides a call signal to the subscriber's TKP, a duplex communication of the visitor with the subscriber, remote lock opening upon a signal from the TKP.

As user keys in the modification of METAKOM MK2008.2-MF N, the contactless METAKOM trinkets supporting Mifare technology (further MF-keys) are used. MF-keys have a special identification number coding system. The built-in MF reader supports only trinkets encoded in the factory.

The lock can also be opened with the MF-key, using the code dialed on the call unit, or by pressing the EXIT button, installed at the entrance door inside the entrance.

To ensure the possibility of using different types of locks (electromagnetic, electromechanical), the METAKOM outdoor panel MK2008.2-MF N (version 2) is available in two versions.

Technical specifications


Maximum resistance of the access line, Ohm

Max 30

Maximum number of subscribers served


Maximum number of MF-keys, pcs.


The maximum number of MF-keys per apartment, pcs.


Talk duration, s


Duration of opening the lock, sec

2… 102

Maximum number of individual codes


Maximum number of the code table


Number of subscriber code digits


Number of the total code digits


Number of the master code digits


Operating temperature range, ° C


Relative air humidity (at 35 ° C),%


Supply voltage (DC), V


The maximum current consumption in standby mode (with a switch without a video camera), mA


Overall dimensions of the unit, max, mm


Unpackaged unit weight, max, kg




  • Indication of operation modes by LEDs and illumination of the keyboard buttons;
  • sound control of pressing buttons;
  • call the subscriber by dialing his number on the outdoor panel;
  • Sound control of making a call to the subscriber (sending a ringtone of another key, if the subscriber's handset is not packed);
  • Duplex communication subscriber-visitor;
  • remote lock opening from the subscriber's TKP;
  • remote lock opening with a set of a general or individual access code;
  • Local lock opening with an individual MF-key;
  • Local lock opening from the entrance by pressing the EXIT button;
  • sound signaling of the use of an individual subscriber code or MF-key on the TKP of the corresponding subscriber (function included on request);
  • Ability to prohibit the maintenance of the subscriber's TKP while maintaining access through the individual code;
  • code lock operation in the common code mode, in the individual codes mode or jointly (it is programmed);
  • adjustment of all operating parameters for the complete compliance with the requirements set at the installation site;
  • Use the master MF-key to quickly enter the programming mode..

Distinctive features:

  • • Possibility of organizing the door communication network of type 4 Master / 16 Slave (when using the network switch COM-Net4);
  • Possibility to connect the second calling panel for parallel operation organization with subscriber handsets;
  • presence of an auto-collection of keys mode;
  • MF modification uses subscriber keys with identification number encoding (keys are coded in the manufacturer);
  • transfer of all doorphone settings to a personal computer (or other doorphone) and back via the METAKOM adapter MKA-02U and the TM-key DS1996 (L);
  • the number of subscribers served by the organization of doorphone network - up to 999;
  • possibility of system diagnostics during commissioning (subscriber tube testing);
  • correction of parameters for positioning the handset for each subscriber separately;
  • Vandal-proof design - special keyboard design, installation on object with a special key;
  • waterproof keyboard with illumination of each key, illumination of the electronic keys contactor;
  • return to the factory settings of the outdoor panel, while retaining the recorded keys;;



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