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Video doorphone outdoor panel МЕТАКОМ MK2-XV-MF

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6210.00 Р

The two-way video doorphone outdoor panel METAKOM MK2-XV-MF is intended for installation in the entrances of apartment houses, at the entrance doors of apartments, offices, etc.

Together with the subscriber video monitors MKV-VM5, MKV-VM8 and others, the video doorphone outdoor panel provides the subscriber's audio connection with the visitor, remote lock opening and the video surveillance of the space in front of the entrance door. The presence of infrared illumination allows you to obtain an image on a video monitor (at a distance to the observed object not more than 1 m), even in the total absence of illumination.

Equipped with an integrated controller and a Mifare proximity switch reader with an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz. As subscriber keys, contactless METAKOM trinkets supporting Mifare technology (hereinafter MF-keys) are used.

Vandal-proof design allows you to install the outdoor panel both indoors and outdoors.

Technical specifications


DC supply voltage, V



4-wire circuit “Commax”

Number of subscribers


Relative air humidity (at 35 ° C),%


Operating temperature range, ° C


Overall dimensions of the unit, max, mm


Unpackaged unit weight, max, kg



  • Indication of operating modes by highlighting subscriber numbers;
  • Sound control of pressing buttons;
  • Duplex communication subscriber-visitor;
  • Direct call of the subscriber;
  • Remote control of electromechanical / electromagnetic lock from the subscriber;
  • Illumination of subscriber numbers and buttons;


  • Built-in MF key reader (works only with keys with encoding of the identification number, which are encoded in the factory);
  • Writing keys with a common list;
  • Delete all keys from memory;
  • Auto-collection of keys mode;
  • Transferring settings from the outdoor panel and back using the METAKOM MKA-02U adapter and the TM-key DS1996 (L);
  • Enter the programming mode using the master key;
  • Return to factory settings with saving of recorded keys;
  • Separate adjustment of microphone sensitivity and speaker volume;



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