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Equipment selection

Coordinate tubes for doorphones

Coordinate tube for intercom: which one to choose?


Communication via intercom via a handset is considered the most simple and convenient. You can not only find out who has come to you, but also to open the door to the guest by pressing one button on the device. A suitable model is chosen according to the type of installed intercom. For example, to work with coordinate devices, tubes are used, each of which is connected to a separate wire and receives its signal from the switch. Such systems can be rationally installed in multi-apartment buildings with a large number of users, where their price repeatedly pays off. In addition, this intercom can easily connect new subscribers after a while.


The housing coordinate tube for the intercom can be connected to the calling panel by cable or wirelessly. What to buy - the individual solution of each user. Products presented in our catalog can change the volume of conversation, remotely open locks. Some models are equipped with a light indication, which greatly simplifies the work with them.


Depending on the type of fixing, they can be:

  • Wall-mounted - fixed on the wall, usually at the entrance door;
  • desktop / portable - more mobile, but it is worth considering the range.


Choosing a negotiating coordinate tube for intercoms, it is worth considering a number of parameters:

  • Material. Most products are made of plastic and metal. The first is easier, cheaper, the second is longevous.
  • Ability to turn off / adjust the ring signal.
  • Design. The shape and color of the tube are variable parameters. You can choose a device based on personal taste preferences, interior space.


The company "Metakom" offers an assortment of tubes with various functional capabilities and design features. Ourproductsarepopulardueto:

  • High quality - we use advanced engineering solutions and three-stage control of compliance with all the nuances of the technological process;
  • Affordable price - an analog tube for aintercom, which you can buy from us, is cheaper than the products of competitors;
  • Ease of installation and maintenance;
  • Prompt delivery - the products are in our warehouse, you do not have to wait for them for a long time.


Our mission is the manufacture of handsets, outdoor panels, locks for intercoms, which provide the necessary level of security and comfort for each user. If you need a digital or co-ordinatedintercom, as well as any other product from our range, just call us and place an order.

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