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Concierge console МК-RК2

Concierge console MK-RK2 - The microprocessor console of the concierge METAKOM MK-RK2 (hereinafter referred to as the console) is a specialized microprocessor system designed for the organization of the concierge workstation and also for the organization of the intercom system with the number of subscribers up to 220. 

4708.00 Р

Handset Splitter МКТ-D4

The METAKOM MKT-D4 Handset Splitter is designed to connect up to four handsets to one address at a time to the door phone system. The product is intended for use in intercom systems with coordinate addressing system.

1072.00 Р

Call indicator МКТ-СF1

Call indicator MKT-CF1 - Call indicator METAKOM MKT-CF1 (hereinafter referred to as indicator) is intended for installation in apartments of subscribers with low hearing or in very noisy rooms where the intercom call signal may not be heard.

282.00 Р

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