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Doorphone outdoor panel: destinations and varieties

Intercoms are installed in private and multi-apartment buildings, offices and other facilities where it is necessary to control the strangers access to a closed territory. The equipment is installed in each apartment / office premises, and at the entrance to the building an analog or digital block of the call is placed. This is a small device with buttons or a touchpad, by pressing it you can send a call to the subscriber. It consists of:

  • Buttons with figures corresponding to apartment numbers;

  • Dynamics - allows you to hear the called subscriber;

  • Microphone - to communicate with the owner of the apartment;

  • Electronic board - responsible for the logic of work;

  • Reader - recognizes the keys.

When thinking about which block of a door phone call at the entrance of the building you should buy, it is necessary to focus on such criteria as price, type, functionality, object features, location of outputs, number of subscribers. There are audio and video outdoor panel.

According to the most general classification, which should be oriented, choosing an anti-vandal doorphone "Metakom", all devices are divided into:

  • Models with direct forwarding - each button corresponds to a separate subscriber. The disadvantage of such system is in the limited users is a maximum of 20. To connect the intercom, it is necessary to lay a separate wire in each apartment. Such systems are recommended to be installed in private houses or on objects with a limited number of users without the prospect of increasing them.

  • Models with coordinate addressing. The cost of a doorphone call of this type from the manufacturer of the building is higher than that of the previous model due to the need to install switches, but at the same time it is the optimal solution for multi-apartment buildings where the difference is eliminated due to the number of connected subscribers. The system can be used by 999 users, the connection of each new one passes quickly and not very costly.

  • Models with digital addressing. This is an intercom system in which the connection of the handsets to the communication line is carried out by the individual switch built into the handset. The system can connect 255 subscribers, providing them with high quality of communication.

The company "Metakom" offers advanced interphone equipment that meets the requirements of the market of access control system, qualified consultations and assistance in ordering. Thanks to the introduction of advanced engineering solutions and a three-level control system, we can guarantee the quality and long life of all products. We offer intercoms, apartment handsets and many other products wholesale and retail.

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