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Video outdoor panels

Buying video doorphone outdoor panels from us - is the right solution!

Our company specializes on manufacture and delivery of high-quality interphone equipment for more than 20 years. Most of the products presented in the electronic catalog: video intercoms, electromagnetic locks, buttons, keys, tubes and much more, are always available. Here you can choose the appropriate block for calling a video intercom with a video camera and purchase it on favorable terms with delivery anywhere in the Russian Federation.

You can advantageously buy a video call box of the following type:

  • With direct addressing system. These devices are advisable to use in private houses, in the entrances with a minimum number of apartments (up to 20) or floor-by-floor on the apartment areas. The website presents a variety of models: from one-to multi-party (maximum 20 subscribers). The installation of such a device involves pulling a separate line from the calling panel to each subscriber;

  • With coordinate system of addressing. Such a calling block of a video intercom is actual to use in multi-apartment entrances of apartment houses and in large business centers. Using several switches, it is possible to arrange selector communication with the coordinate system of addressing with the number of subscribers up to 999. In total it is possible to use up to 7 switches;

  • With digital addressing system. These call units do not require switches and provide easier installation compared to the coordinate system of addressing. Often used in multi-apartment buildings, in offices for selective communication with a digital addressing system with a maximum number of subscribers up to 255.

    8 800 250 33 97

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