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DS1990A Key

The electronic contact key provided with a plastic holder is fully compatible with DS1990 identifiers and additionally supports the function of the 1-Wire ROM search protocol, which allows working on one bus to several devices.

36.00 Р

Key RF125K

Keychain electronic contactless PROXIMITY.Works in the standard of Em-marine. Each keychain has an individual code. Has a leather case.

57.00 Р

Key MF136P

Keychain electronic contactless PROXIMITY.Works in the standard Mifare. Each keychain has an individual code. The frequency is 13.56 MHz.


32.00 Р

DS1996 Key

Electronic key with 64 Kbit memory. 65536 bits of rewritable non-volatile memory.Withholder

1472.00 Р

Key RF125P

Keychain electronic contactless PROXIMITY.Works in the standard of Em-marine.Eachkeychainhasanindividualcode. Frequency 125 Khz.

18.00 Р

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The keys for intercom: what are they, what is the difference between them?

Most Russian high-rise buildings for the purpose of controlling access and carrying out selective throughput have long been equipped with intercom systems that prevent the entry of undesirable elements into the entrance and thus protect the tenants from contact with them. The intercom has long been a symbol of security for us: thanks to it our dwellings are reliably protected from encroachments, and unpleasant guests can simply not be passed further than the entrance door of the entrance.

For sure on your bunch, too, there are plastic keys for access door phones, because today intercoms are equipped not only with residential facilities, but also state structures, commercial enterprises. The sale of interphone keys is usually carried out by the same company that installed the intercom, but in some cases it is possible to make such a product in the points for the production of key copies. However, this can be dangerous, since there are secure intercom systems that can identify "native" and "foreign" keys, and deliberately spoil the latter - and this means throwing away money and time in vain.

Most of the keys, due to their rounded form of nicknamed "pill", work on the basis of the so-called "parasitic" way of eating. Each unlocking device has two contacts, with information line and earth, and uses energy received from the information transfer line during operation. In order to open the locked on an electric magnet (so sometimes mistakenly called an electromagnetic lock) the door requires a key (or card). With us you can buy not only intercom systems, but also make custom-made interphone keys that will fit your door (also we deliver).

Where should I buy interphone keys, and how to choose them correctly?

To order a door-to-door key from the manufacturer is the best option: in this way you will be able to get the perfect unlocking device for your intercom. Manufactured at the same factory as intercom equipment, unlocking electromagnetic keys, key-type keys or contactless keys, will serve you faithfully for many years without suffering from mechanical influences and without changing their characteristics during years of use. The cost of interphone keys from the manufacturer, as a rule, is more profitable than buying universal keys or ordering "tablets" in the nearest key maker. If you are interested in the price of different types of interphone keys, and you are planning to buy a key for intercom from the manufacturer, you can see the prices in the online store of Metakom. The contact key from the intercom system "Metakom" is characterized by high consumer characteristics: it is not afraid of moisture, temperature changes, chemicals, contact with other keys and other metal and plastic elements.

The key for intercom: what kinds exist?

Choose where to order the key from the intercom? Don’t forget that there are several types of devices that can unlock the electromagnetic (sometimes called simply magnetic) lock on the access door or door intercom. The first category is electronic keys for single entry: they allow you to enter a list of codes only once, after which they become unavailable for making any changes. The second group is "tablets" with the possibility of rewriting. Category number three includes devices that are already released with the code introduced, allowing you to open the electromagnetic (or as it is called not a specialist, magnetic) lock; they are the most reliable.

In the current market, the most common type of key for the design is the contact keys, the official name Touch memory (TM) or iButton, the household name of the tablet, the key format TM (dallas, metakom, cyfral) and contactless (officially called RFID, In the form of cards, trinkets, bracelets, etc., the household name of "card", "droplets", key rings, electronic flat key). In order to unlock the doorbell's electromagnetic lock, the contactless key must simply be brought to the reader, and the contact key must be inserted into a special place.

Want to buy the original keys for the intercom in bulk? We recommend that you pay attention to the set of interphone keys, which you can find more closely in the catalog of the Internet salon Metakom. And, if you don’t just need to find out where to buy interphone keys in bulk from the manufacturer, and you want to find a responsible manufacturer, a quality contractor that will provide you with the keys of the required types, then cooperation with Metakom will be the best solution for you!

Interested in how much is the intercom equipment "Metakom" - video panels, subscriber handsets, keys for intercoms and much more? Look in our catalog, and there you will find all the necessary information!

Are there any questions regarding the terms of purchase and payment, delivery, return of products placed in our catalog? Call the consultant of our company by phone. 8-800-250-33-97, and he will give you all the necessary information!

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