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 This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) refers to the Metakom website located at

The website of the Metakom Internet store (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is the property of Metakom LLC


1.1. The terms listed below have the following meaning for the purposes of this Agreement::

1.1.1 The Metakom website is an Internet site located on the domain name, which operates through an Internet resource and related services.

1.1.2. Administration of the site "Metakom" - authorized employees to manage the Site, acting on behalf of LLC Metakom.

1.1.3. User (hereinafter referred to as the User) is a person who has access to the Site, through the Internet and using the Site.


2.1. Use of materials and services of the Site is governed by the laws of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2.2. This Agreement is a public offer. By accessing the materials of the Site, the User is deemed to have acceded to this Agreement.

2.3. The Administration of the Site has the right at any time to unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement. Such amendments shall enter into force three (3) days after the date of the new version of the Agreement on the website.

2.4. The user is personally responsible for verifying this Agreement for changes in it. If the User disagrees with the changes made, he must refuse access to the Site, stop using the materials and services of the Site.

2.5. The invalidity of any item (or part of the paragraph) of this Agreement shall not entail the cancellation of the remaining items (and parts of paragraphs) of this Agreement.

2.6.  By registering on the Site or conducting any other actions that are equal to registration, the User accepts and understands all that is stated in these rules and thereby confirms his legal capacity and legal capacity.

2.7. From the moment of registration of the User or any other actions that are equal to registration, the User agrees to the automated processing and use of any personal data specified during registration or subsequently in connection with the use of the Site.


3.1. ObligationsoftheUser

3.1.1. The User agrees not to take actions that may be considered as violating Russian law or international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyright and / or related rights, as well as any actions that lead or may lead to a disruption of the normal operation of the Site and services of the Site.

3.1.2. Use of the materials of the Site without the consent of the right holders isn’t allowed (article 1270 of the RF CC). For the legitimate use of the materials of the Site, it is necessary to conclude licensing agreements (obtaining licenses) from Copyright Holders.

3.1.3. When quoting the materials of the Site, including copyrighted works, a link to the Site is required (subparagraph 1 of paragraph 1 of Article 1274 of the RF CC).

3.1.4. The user is warned that the Site Administration is not responsible for visiting and using external resources, links to which may be contained on the site.

3.1.5. The User agrees that the Administration of the Site isn’t liable and doesn’t have any direct or indirect obligations to the User in connection with any possible or occurred losses or losses connected with any content of the Site, registration of copyright and information about such registration, goods or services, accessible to or received through external sites or resources or other contacts of the User, to which he entered, using information posted on the Site or links to external resources.

3.1.6. The user accepts the provision that all materials and services of the Site or any part thereof may be accompanied by advertising. The User agrees that the Site Administration does not bear any responsibility and does not have any obligations in connection with such advertising.

3.1.7.The User warrants that he isn’t subject to legal restrictions on the use of online services, that he has all the necessary powers to enter into this Agreement or obtained the necessary permission in the form required by law from his parents or legal representatives.

3.1.8. The User undertakes not to attempt to cause any harm to the Site by interfering with the Site or in any other way.

3.1.9 The User undertakes to provide, at the request of the Site, additional information about himself, for the purpose of identifying both the User of the Site.

3.1.10. To provide additional information at the request of the Administration of the site, this is directly related to the services provided by this Site.

3.1.11. Observe the property and non-property rights of authors and other rightholders when using the Site.

3.2. Userhastheright:

3.2.1. Use all the services available on the Site, and also purchase any Goods offered on the Site.

3.2.2. Ask any questions related to the services of the Site on the requisites that are located in the section of the Site "Contacts".

3.2.3. Use the Site solely for the purposes and procedure provided for in the Agreement and not prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation.

3.3. Thesiteisentitled:

3.3.1. Require Users to comply with all requirements of this user agreement and other rules for using this Site

3.3.2. Amend these rules by publishing a new version on the corresponding page of the Site.

3.3.3 In its sole discretion, modify or delete any published information, suspend, restrict or terminate access to the service at any time for any reason or without reason, with or without notice, without being responsible for any harm that may be caused by such action.

3.3.4. Request additional information about Users in order to identify the User or in any other cases.

3.3.5. Restrict access to the Site in case of violation by the User of the terms of this Agreement.

3.4. Thesiteundertakes:

3.4.1. Provide advice to users on the products of interest to them

3.4.2. Provide information on the business entity that owns the Site, within the limits provided for by law.

3.4.3. Bear confidential responsibility for all information that was transferred to the Site in the process of registering a new User. Detailed obligations regarding the processing of user's personal data are provided in the Privacy Policy, the link to which is posted on all pages of the site.

3.4.4. The list of rights provided for in this user agreement and other rules for using this Site is not exhaustive



4.1. The Site and the Owner of the Site, as well as its representatives, under no circumstances shall be liable to the Users of the Site or any other third parties for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, including but not limited to lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation, lost benefits caused by the use of the Site, its parts and materials, access to which was obtained with the help of the Site, even if the Administration did not indicate the possibility of such damage.

4.2. The user is responsible for the truthfulness of the information that he provides at the time of registration and at moments of individual identifications. In the event that the Site records a violation of such rules, it reserves the right to block the account of the User until all circumstances have been clarified.

4.3. The User indemnifies the Administration and third parties for any losses incurred in connection with his actions, including but not limited to violation of this Agreement, copyright, exclusive or other rights.

4.4. Also the Site and the Users are liable, as defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.5. Any losses that the User may incur in case of willful or reckless violation of any provision of this Agreement, as well as due to unauthorized access to communications by another User, are not reimbursed by the Site Administration.

4.6. The site administration isn’t responsible for:

4.6.1. Delays or failures in the course of an operation due to force majeure, as well as any malfunction in telecommunication, computer, electrical and other related systems.

4.6.2. The proper functioning of the Site, in the event that the User does not have the necessary technical means for its use, and also has no obligations to provide users with such means.



5.1. All possible disputes arising from or related to this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

5.2. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as the establishment of agency relations between the User and the Site Administration, partnership relations, joint activity relations, personal hiring relations, or any other relations not expressly provided for in the Agreement.

5.3. Inaction on the part of the Site Administration in case of violation of the provisions of the Agreement by any of the Users does not deprive the Site Administration of the right to take later appropriate actions in defense of its interests and protection of copyrights to the materials of the Site protected in accordance with the law.

5.4.All informational materials presented on the Site are of a reference nature and can’t convey in any way reliable and complete information about certain properties and characteristics of the Goods. In the event that the Buyer has questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods, he must contact the Metakom website administrator for information before placing the Order.

5.5. The site reserves the right to edit information about the Goods, expand and shorten the list of Products on the Site without prior notice to the Buyer, regulate access to the purchase of any Goods, suspend or terminate the sale of any Goods in its sole discretion, and regulate access to the Site, Goods.

5.6. By completing the Order on the Site, the Buyer automatically confirms: its complete and clear understanding of the subject of the ordered Goods; its full and clear understanding of all possible characteristics of the ordered Goods; Its full agreement with all the characteristics of the ordered Goods on the Site; Its full interest in purchasing the ordered Goods. The Metakom website does not bear any responsibility for the unreasonable expectations of the Buyer.

5.7. The user is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account information, including the password, as well as for all activities that are conducted on behalf of the Account User.

The User confirms that he is acquainted with all the points of this Agreement and certainly accepts them.

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