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Video intercom network MKV-CVN2

The video network intercom METAKOM MKV-CVN2 is designed for video signal switching in intercom systems based on Metakom intercoms for the functional expansion of the "gate-entrance" system. Allows you to switch video signal from 2 network outdoor panels slots MK2012-VN to a single access video line.

2190.00 Р

Video amplifier MKV-SET

MKV-SET is designed for use in video surveillance systems when transmitting a signal from a video camera or other standard video source over a twisted pair of wires for a distance of up to 1500 m to a consumer (monitor, console, VCR, etc.). Set provides the possibility to use free twisted pairs in existing computer and telephone communication lines. The MKV set devices have a matched input and output resistance, which eliminates image distortion during transmission. The set is powered from unstabilized sources of constant voltage, and voltage ripple doesn’t affect the signal quality.

1650.00 Р

Video amplifier MKV-AMP

The METAKOM MKV-AMP video amplifier is designed to amplify the video signal in a magical transmission line to compensate for the attenuation caused by a large number of connected splitters or a long transmission line.

1091.00 Р

Video intercom network MKV-CVN4

The video intercom METAKOM MKV-CVN4 is designed for video signal switching in intercom systems based on the Metakomoutdoor panels for the functional expansion of the gate-entrance system. Allows you to switch video signal from 4 network outdoor panlesMK2012-VN to one access video line.

2624.00 Р

MK-032K adapter

METAKOM MK-032K adapter is designed to match and switch the subscriber's audio line with the coordinate system of addressing with the subscriber's audio line of the COMMAX system (the door opening unit is controlled via the COMMAX line), and also provides switching of the video signal when receiving a call signal from the corresponding audio channel.

945.00 Р

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