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TKP-06M apartment handset

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268.00 Р

Handset coordinate, room, for intercoms Metakom, Visit, Eltis, Digital, Raikmann, with night shutdown.

 TKP-06M tube - guarantee of reliability and durability

Today, door communication systems are widely used. They can be found almost in any entrance, at the entrance to the office or into the territory of many other objects, where access control is necessary. For these purposes, different intercoms can be used. Today the most common are coordinate-type devices. The work of this equipment is based on the principle of commutation of coordinate-matrix systems.

Modern coordinate intercom devices are specialized microprocessor systems intended for installation in multi-apartment buildings, offices, for organizing a system of selector communication. Each subscriber of such a system is equipped with a terminal device - a handset with a handset TKP-06M, TKP 12M or other model. The tube TKP-06M is equipped with simple electronics, which ensures the reliability of the design and durability of the product. The handset TKP-06M, as well as any intercom device, reproduces the call signal and provides high-quality communication with the panel. Among the operational features of this model of the tube should be noted:

  • Convenient operation due to compact weight dimensions;
  • High-quality speaker that provides good audibility;
  • Ergonomic design.

Talking handsets manufactured by Metakom can be purchased wholesale and retail. For the convenience of customers, there are several options for payment and delivery. Production is delivered anywhere in the Russian Federation.


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