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Electromagnetic lock ML-450

Electromagnetic lock METAKOM ML-450 (without electronics board), force 450 kg. 12V, 0.6A. It is intended for locking the entrance door in access control systems. The lock can be used as part of the intercom system of METAKOM.

Dimensions: 46х72х272 mm.

Weight: не более 5,5kg

1759.00 Р

Electromagnetic lock ML-450-1

Electromagnetic lock ML-450-1 (with compartment, without electronics board), force 450 kg. 12V, 0.6A, with emergency exit button

Dimensions: 46х72х272 mm.

1849.00 Р

Electromagnetic lock ML-450M

Electromagnetic lock ML-450M (without a compartment for the electronics board), force 450 kg.12V, 0.6A.

Dimensions: 46х72х232 mm.

1694.00 Р

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How to choose the right electromagnetic lock on the door?

The door electromagnetic lock is a blocking mechanism, the most important components of which is an electromagnet and a metal bar that has sufficient permeability. Such a device can be mounted on the entrance door, which will open in 3 ways:

  • Exitbutton

  • Opening of the lock on the intercom (or video monitor)

  • Using an electronic key

A lock with an electromagnet is part of the intercom system, and can be both shear and "on the fly". Also, magnetic locks are divided according to the type of design solution - overhead and mortise.

What is an electromagnetic lock on the front door?

Today, many choose as a means of ensuring their own security intercom with electromagnetic lock as a reliable device that provides the opportunity to control the entrance and exit from the premises as much as possible. In addition, among the advantages of this equipment is the price: the cost of the intercom system allows you to purchase and install it in each house.

How is the work of such a lock? The electromagnetic mechanism functions as follows: in the passive state, when the door is closed, the magnet pulls the bar to itself and thereby fixes the input in the locked state. But, as soon as the landlord "gives well" to allow the visitor to enter - the controller signals this mechanism, and the door is locked. Exit from the room, closed with a door with intercom, is carried out by pressing the exit button, which works in a similar way.

Buy an electromagnetic lock on the door in a different price range can be found in the online store Metakom. At your service is a large assortment of products that allow you to ensure a decent level of security for your apartment, home or office. The price of goods is very low, since all products are provided directly from the manufacturer.

Want to buy an electromagnetic lock on the entrance door of the entrance? Then you should know about the important feature that every such device has: it is the force with which the door is kept closed. The price of the finished product directly depends on this parameter and, the greater the load, the impact of which can withstand the door, the higher the cost of the goods. In particular, there are a variety of locks for small, medium and even high, up to a thousand kilograms, loads. Therefore, when choosing which one to buy the electromagnetic lock for the door phone "Metakom", approach the question rationally and do not make a decision to purchase a device with a high retention force, since such characteristics are unlikely to be useful in everyday life, and investments will not be justified. It is possible to buy quite cheap enough a simple electromagnetic lock, which can optimally meet the tasks assigned to it.

The magnetic lock "Metakom" has the following advantages:

  • Resistant to mechanical influences and deformations;

  • Resistant to temperature influences and other aggressive manifestations of the environment;

  • Provides complete security against unauthorized intrusion, since it can’t be unlocked with a master key;

  • It doesn’t have moving parts, which means it breaks less often and very rarely requires replacement or repair during operation.

Want to buy a reliable electromagnetic locking device that can only open a special intercom key? Read the assortment of the online store of the company "Metakom", and you will find effective solutions at very competitive prices! To clarify the availability of certain goods, request information on the current cost, find out more about the terms of payment and delivery, you can contact the consultant of the company by phone. 8-800-250-33-97.

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