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TKP-06М.1 apartment handset

TKP-06M.1 - apartment handset for intercoms Metakom, Visit, Eltis, Digital, Raikmann with light indication and night shut-off, in individual packing.

287.00 Р

TKP-12D apartment handset

TKP-12D apartment handset is intended for use as part of intercom systems with digital addressing of subscribers. TKP-12D is installed in the subscriber's apartment and is used for the subscriber's sound call through the interphone's calling device, visitor-subscriber communications and remote opening of the entrance door by the subscriber. 

455.00 Р

TKP-12D.1 apartment handset

TKP-12D.1 apartment handset, two-wire (with a capsule) for intercoms MK2007, CD-1803, CD-2000, Raikmann, Keyman.With the ability to turn off the volume, in an individual package.

474.00 Р

TKP-12M apartment handset

TKP-12M apartment handset - for intercoms Metakom, Visit, Eltis, Digital, Raikmann with light indication and night shutdown.

356.00 Р

TKP-12M.1 apartment handset

TKP-12M.1 apartment handset for intercoms Metakom, Visit, Eltis, Digital, Raikmann with light indication and night shut-off, in individual packing.

374.00 Р

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What is intercom handset? Where can I get it, and how to choose the right device?

The apartment handsets on the intercoms are convenient and easy-to-use devices that are equipped with intercom systems. This unit transmits sound information between the one who is in the room and the visitor. The scheme of her work is incredibly simple: the guest comes to the intercom, dials the apartment number on the calling panel, and the apartment rings. Approached to the door the owner of the house answers the call and, having made sure of the trustworthiness of the visitor, opens the electromagnetic lock, and lets the visitor into the apartment.

The handset for intercom only transmits voice messages; if you have a need not only to hear, but also to see the visitor - then we recommend that you buy an additional set of equipment with a flash drive for video data recording, through which video intercom will be made.

High-quality and reliable interphone communication equipment will help you to protect your home, your home from unwanted intrusion and unpleasant visitors. The door phone will also allow the child to leave the house alone, and not worry about the kid opening the door to strangers, because he can always make sure who is ringing at the door.

"How much is a handset for a door phone?" - often those who want to buy interphone equipment ask a question. It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question, since the cost of the product depends on many factors, in particular, the manufacturer, appearance, functional characteristics and technical characteristics.

The audio-handset for intercom "Metakom" is a very inexpensive device, the price of which is affordable so that it can be bought by its owners of any prosperity. Installation of intercom equipment is also not a difficult matter, and therefore ensuring the security of housing with intercom for a year in our country is highly demanded procedure. Especially popular are the intercoms in the apartment building, where the tenants of each entrance share the costs of installing the intercom system; so you can significantly reduce the amount of necessary investment from the owners of each apartment.

Intercom handsets: how to choose, and what characteristics to pay attention to?

"Where to buy a handset for intercom?" - many people turn to this search system, like those who already have an intercom and for some reason want to replace some elements of the device, and those who just plan to mount this system. To buy a subscriber tube separately from the whole set of equipment offers almost every online store, and therefore it is necessary to understand how to identify the best option among a wide range of offers.

Good recommendations of specialists use the handset for the intercom system "Metakom" from the manufacturer with the same name; its price is relatively low, and the reception quality of the signal from the calling panel is very worthy.

The apartment intercom handset consists of three elements: handset, stand and connecting wire. The rest of the parameters, such as the design of the device, its color and shape, can be quite diverse, which allows them to be selected for the style of arranging the interior of the entrance group.

Do you want to buy intercom’s handset, outdoor panel, a video camera to protect your home from the intrusion of unwanted visitors? We recommend stopping the choice on the equipment represented by the company "Metakom". In the range of our online store you will find the most reliable door communication systems and accessories that can effectively provide the security you need for your home. To get acquainted with the novelties of the assortment, to learn about burning offers, to consult with the specialist on the choice of intercoms, as well as to ask all the questions you are interested in regarding the cost, availability, terms of delivery and payment, you can contact the Metakom specialist at tel. 8-800-250-33-97. We are waiting for your call, and we will be happy to help you in an important matter - ensuring the safety of your home!

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