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Keychain TM

5.00 Р

Key holder for keys METAKOM TM-2002, TM-2004, DALLAS DS-1990A.


Intercom key holder

The modern market for intercom equipment offers several options for keys:

  • Contact Touch Memory (many known as tablet keys). The lock is only opened when the intercom key is directly connected to the reader;
  • Contactless (RF). To open the lock, simply put the key to the reader.

For owners of tablet keys, Metakom Ltd. offers strong interphone key holders with 18 mm skirt diameter. Delivered products are made of high-quality plastic, so they are advantageous for analogs, reliability and durability. The key holder is intended for keys Metakom: TM-2002, TM-2004, and also DALLAS DS-1990A.

The housing for the intercom key provides a reliable fixation of the "tablet". It is attached to the seat by means of a pair of snap-in fixing guides. Installation of the tablet key in the holder is carried out manually, without involving any tools. Thanks to a specially designed opening, it is convenient to carry it on a bunch with the rest of the keys.

We offer to order holders for interphone keys at the best market price. We carry out wholesale and retail deliveries of products; we arrange delivery within the Russian Federation.


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